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If you love sunlight, you live your life so you can enjoy it as much as possible. You put your favourite reading chair by your home’s bay window. You can even ask your boss to put your desk near a window.
Unfortunately, you’ve noticed some not-as-enjoyable effects from all that sunlight. Your reading chair looks lighter. Your skin sunburns easily. And the outdated blinds at work don’t keep the glare off your computer screen.
When you’re looking for window tint in Vernon and the Okanagan,  OKSS can provide you with products and films to let in just the right amount of sunlight. This innovative window treatment from Solar Gard® offers the convenience you crave.
Why Solar Gard® Window Film?
Solar Gard® is an industry leader in window film technology. Their product line offers a variety of film options to suit all needs; from decorative privacy film, security and solar control films that help filter out damaging UV rays without blocking all sunlight. You can also rely on Solar Gard® window film to:
  • Reduce heat gain so that A/C units can run more efficiently resulting in lower energy bills
  • Protect fabrics and furnishings from fading
  • Protect from solar heat in the summer and also keep interior heat inside during the winter
Solar Gard® window films work on almost any window. Check out their benefits for various windows:
  • Residential window tint controls temperature in the home, helps to preserve furniture and flooring while allowing you to keep the view.
  • Commercial window films create privacy, look professional, and can offer graffiti protection.
  • Security window film provides an invisible deterrent barrier to help protect your most valuable possessions from threats such as burglary and vandalism while shielding those you care for from harm’s way in the event of glass breakage.

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Residential Window Film Provides Security, Energy Cost Savings

Okanagan Shade and Shutter is a Manufacturers Representative for Newco Solar Solutions. Newco comes Solar Gard® residential window films, ready to save money on temperature control, provide extra home security and add to your windows those interesting touches that reflect your unique personality.

Film for Sun Control

Natural light is beautiful in a home, but too much can mean uncomfortable heat build-up and hot spots. Our Solar Gard window film intercepts 79% of solar energy, meaning lower energy bills, greater comfort and less glare.

Our professionally installed, patented metalized films are made of metals including sterling silver and bronze, and they have a gleaming copper finish that keeps your heat inside in the winter, as well as deflecting summer rays and looking exquisite.

 Protect Your Family and Your Belongings with Safety & Security Films

Of the many items you keep in your home, what’s more important than your family? Our Solar Gard Armorcoat® is designed to keep shards of shattered glass in place should breakage occur. Moreover, intruders are deterred when they can’t enter your home through a broken window. Armorcoat will protect you from:

  • Theft and burglary
  • Earthquakes and seismic activity
  • Severe storm damage
  • Bomb blasts and terrorists

Give the Impression of Decorative Frosted or Etched Glass for Privacy

Concerned about privacy? Just want to give your home a designer touch – the appearance of etching or frosted glass, for instance? Newco Solar Solutions can provide you with films to enhance the beauty of interior glass and inside surfaces of your exterior glass. Just provide us with the design you envision, and we’ll supply you with patterns, photos and more for your smooth residential glass.

Attract Customers with the Comfort and Beauty of Window Films

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give your business an elegant, prosperous appearance from the outside and a welcoming feel inside with Solar Gard® window films. Businesses who wish to attract customers with smart looks and a comfortable atmosphere start by calling Newco Solar Solutions.

Here at Newco, we provide for your office or commercial facility a variety of window films for different applications such as sun control, safety / security, protection from graffiti and decoration. Call us for information about any of these products.

Security Window Film And Safety Film Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about security films by reviewing these common questions.

Q. Is there a film I can put on my windows to stop them from breaking?
A. No film will stop glass from breaking, however, it can hold the glass in place once the window is broken.

Q. I don’t like the look of security bars, but I have an office that I need protected – will security film work?
A. Armorcoat security window film ranges in thickness from 7 mil to 14 mil – the thicker the film, the more secure it is and the longer it would take for an intruder to gain entry.

Q. How does the security film work?
A. Armorcoat is a security film that is applied over your existing glass. If the window is broken, the film holds the glass in place.

Q. If I have security film on my windows, can someone still get through the glass?
A. Yes – glass is breakable – so depending on the thickness of the film, if the intruder continues to smash the glass, they can eventually get in. However, during the process, they will be taking more time and making noise – 2 things intruders don’t like to do.

Q. How long would it take for an intruder to get in once they break in the glass?
A. That depends on the type of glazing and thickness of the glass and security film and how the intruder is trying to break in.

Q. Is there anything else I can do to help secure my office windows?
A. If you have a business, then you most likely will have an alarm. Glass break detectors work very well with security film, because the alarm goes off as soon as the window is broken, but the intruder will have to spend more time in order to smash through the glass and gain entry. The intruder would then have less or no time to gain entry – resulting in little to no loss of property.

Q. Do you sell glass break detectors?
No – you would need to purchase that from your alarm company and make sure you let them know you have security film on your windows as some detectors need to have their sensitivity levels adjusted.

Q. What colour is the security film?
A. Generally, security film is clear, but it is also available in a limited selection of tints.

Q. I heard that security film will help in an earthquake – how?
A. Security film holds the broken glass together and does not allow the glass to break into shards and rain down on people, resulting in fewer injuries.

Q. My office windows have been scratched and etched with acid – do you have anything to remove that?
A. No – but we can protect your windows before they are damaged. We have a clear film that, when installed on the exterior of the windows, acid etching will not stick to, and if the film is scratched or damaged, it can easily be removed or replaced. This is generally less expensive than replacing damaged glass.

Window Film and Tint FAQ

Q. Will window film break my windows?
A. No – installing window film will not break your windows. When window film is installed, it does cause your window to increase in temperature, adding additional stress, however, the majority of window films are safe and offer a manufacturer’s glass break guarantee.

Q. Will window film stop fading?
A. Most people associate fading with ultraviolet light, so it’s easy to assume that a window film that rejects 99% of the UV rays could eliminate fading. However, heat, visible light and interior spot lights are also contributing factors. Ask our solar solutions specialists for their recommendations.

Q. I just had film installed on my windows and there are some bubbles – What is that caused by?
A. Solar gard window film is installed with a wetting solution, and it takes time for the water to evaporate. The time can vary from 30 to 140 days depending on the thickness and the outside temperature. All films, when professionally installed, are warrantied against peeling, bubbling and cracking.

Q. Can I get a window film that gives me privacy at night?
A. A highly reflective film will give you privacy where the lighting is situated. For example, during the day, the light is usually greater on the outside and darker on the inside, so you would have daytime privacy. At night, when the lights are on in the inside and it’s dark outside, you will have the reverse effect – you will not be able to see out and people from outside will be able to see in. If it’s a rainy day and you have lights on inside, you may have equal visibility.

Q. What about the office buildings downtown – they have privacy all the time?
A. That’s what most people think because they usually see those buildings during the day, but next time you are down there, take a look at night to see if anyone is burning the midnight oil, and you will be able to see into the office.

Q. How do I clean the windows after the film is applied?
A. Use a soft cloth and mild soapy water. Do not use anything abrasive.

Q. My window cleaner scratched my film – can it be patched?
A. If you patched it, it would look like a patch. The film should be removed and replaced.