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Rolltec® retractable awnings

Rolltec® Retractable Awnings

Rolltec® has been an award winning, industry leading Canadian manufacturer of high quality retractable awnings since the 1980’s. We’ve spent the last 30 years perfecting style and comfort in outdoor living.
What sets Rolltec® apart from other awning manufacturers is that we produce most of the awning components in-house, using only top notch materials and equipment. Our computerized sewing operations provide flawless stitching and seams on the awning fabric covers, ensuring a long lasting and durable fabric top. Our on-staff engineering team is continuously designing and perfecting all aspects of awning technology. With our expansive knowledge and superior product lines, Rolltec® soars above the competition; our numerous awards speak to our products and customer satisfaction.

Rolltec® retractable awnings require no maintenance (other than rinsing off the fabric cover periodically), due to the combination of a strong, rust free frame with a self-lubricating mechanism, and durable, water repellent fabrics. Rolltec® retractable awnings have long term manufacturer’s warranties and are renowned for achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Each Rolltec® awning is manufactured to the specifications of the client, and with that, we are able to manufacture your awning within an inch of your desired width, allowing the home and awning to flow together as a single design, without any bulky ends sticking out of the designated area, thus maximizing their outdoor living experience. Since our awnings are manufactured right here in Ontario, we have faster turn-around times than other awning companies.

With consumers becoming more aware of the risks due to the extended exposure to sun and UV rays, the demands for sun protection from awning industry has grown accordingly. Understanding the needs and demands from our clients, we offer a huge variety of fabrics and options for our awnings. We proudly display each of our products in our state of the art showroom and have staff available to answer any questions you may have.

Our commitment to quality is obvious across our entire product line.

Assortment of Products

At Rolltec®, we know that everyone has their own styles and tastes in decor so we offer a wide range of products and accessories to suit your needs. Below is a quick overview of our awning models and accessories. For more information on certain products, please refer to the list on the right hand side of the page. For your convenience, our World of Elegance fabric collection is also online. For more information, or to find a dealer near you, please contact us.

The ADALIA EXTREME (X3M)™ is our best selling model and can be manufactured in widths up to 24’ with projections up to 11’8”. The slope is adjustable with a hex key and wrench from 0° to 80° and is offered in white, ivory or black as standard frame colours with custom colour matching available.

The ADALIA EXTREME EXTENDA™ is a cross-arm awning designed specifically for situations where the projection of the awning is equal to or greater than the width of the awning and is offered in white, ivory or black as standard frame colours with custom colour matching available.

The ADALIA EXTREME PLUS™ awning has uniquely designed adjustment gears incorporated into the arm shoulder, thus allowing for infinite slope adjustments of both arms simultaneously using a hand crank and is offered in white, ivory or black as standard frame colours with custom colour matching available.

The BRAVO™ awning is a semi-cassette style awning that protects the fabric from the elements and wildlife. The front bar of the awning retracts into the top and bottom profiles to create an enclosed system.

The TILT-O-SHADE™ features arm shoulders designed for independent adjustable pitch, allowing you to raise or lower the front bar when needed.

The PHYSIQUE XL™ is a specially designed heavy duty awning system that has been reinforced for added strength due to the 13’ projection it provides; which is the largest projection available in lateral style retractable awnings. Custom widths are available from 15’ up to 24’.

The ATRIUM™ awning is a terrace style awning that features a sturdy frame with a retractable top that travels along tracks guided by carriers. Spring loaded legs ensure the fabric is kept taut. The ATRIUM™ comes in sections up to 20′ wide and projects up to 20′ from the wall. These sections can be linked together to create unlimited widths using a rain gutter.

The Drop Arm awning is a retractable window style awning with an adjustable inclination range up to 160° by using a hand crank.

The Basket awning is a stationary window awning available as 2-rib or 4-rib style.

Stationary awnings are manufactured from steel profiles and covered with acrylic fabric. All styles of stationary awnings are custom made to the inch.

All retractable awnings manufactured by Rolltec® Rolling Systems Ltd. can be operated manually with a hand crank or by using various electronic motors and controls. We also carry sophisticated weather sensors, protective hoods, multiple sizes of hand cranks, and Spring Assist mechanisms used in large manual awnings. Rolltec® is Sunbrella® SGS Graphic certified so we have the ability to apply vivid graphics and logos or text to our acrylic fabrics.



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